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The Gifted And Talented Education (GATE) Program at Calabash Charter Academy Calabash is dedicated to developing comportment (the ways students present themselves to others in a dignified manner) in both the gifted students and general education students. We develop comportment by offering students multiple opportunities to present to others. Each grade level has their particular activities and events that develop a student's demeanor in group situations. The way a child presents himself to others is important to the development of your child along with your child's thought process. There is so much information in today's society. We teach students how to organize, analyze and process information. One way for helping student to organize their thinking processes is through the use of a tool called the Seven Thinking Maps: The Circle Map helps students to define ideas in context, The Bubble Map helps students to describe qualities, The Double Bubble Map helps students compare and contrast ideas, The Tree Map helps students to classify information, The Brace Map helps students to see whole part relationships, The Flow Map helps students to sequence events, the Multi-Flow Map helps students to analyze causes and effects, and The Bridge helps students to see analogies. We use these Thinking Maps on regular bases throughout the curriculum to promote Thinking. Come visit us to see the wonder of children learning at a high level in a happy supportive atmosphere.

What is the GATE Program?
The Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program at Calabash Charter Academy has been in place for decades. Our program challenges the intellect, increases academic prowess, and magnifies the students' determination to succeed. The GATE plan includes increasing student confidence and raising their self esteem. It is designed to stimulate analytic, complex, and creative thinking. Subject matter and concepts are approached with depth and complexity. Hands-on-learning is used to enhance students' exposure to the subject. Creative projects are devised to bring out both talents and interests. Higher level questioning techniques are applied throughout the curriculum. The staff at Calabash nurtures students imagination.

How are teachers trained?
Teachers teaching the GATE students are mandated to have hours in gifted training. Some examples of the training our teachers are receiving are from attending: the California Association for the Gifted (CAG) conferences, district training i.e. workshops on depth and complexity, differentiation of instruction, and preparation for advanced placement. Our teachers visit demonstration classes as well. This school also offers gifted training during our Professional Development days (PDs) for all teachers.

Who is in the GATE program?
Students that have been identified gifted by LAUSD are entered into the program. Private testing is not acceptable. How are the students grouped? The state mandates that schools cluster gifted and talented students in classes. Our school follows state mandates, and clusters the GATE students in specific rooms. The GATE program begins in the third grade. The GATE committee determines if a student is eligible to be tested by our school psychologist based on test scores, report cards, and teacher recommendations.