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All About Calabash

Calabash Charter Academy (formerly Calabash Street Elementary School) opened its doors in September of 1959, just after Alaska and Hawaii were admitted as states to the union. It is one of the smallest elementary schools in the San Fernando Valley, with a total population of approximately 430 students.

Calabash was honored as a California Distinguished School in 2006. Calabash is the Indian name for gourd, and was named for the surrounding pumpkin fields in the area. 

Calabash has an ethnically diverse population with approximately 5% African American/Black, 5% Asian, 16% Hispanic, 9% Two or More Races, 7% Unknown, and 58% White.  A total of 11 different first languages are spoken in the home including Farsi, Spanish, Armenian, Russian, Korean, and more.   Calabash has the distinction of being at the most western part of LAUSD's boundaries in the San Fernando Valley. 

Calabash enjoys an extremely stable faculty and staff. The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) plays an active role in our school community volunteering in a multitude of areas around the school.  Calabash Elementary School became an affiliated charter school in 2011 and was renamed Calabash Charter Academy with a focus on Art, Health, and Technology.

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